Arije Antinori

Arije Antinori

Professore, Università la Sapienza

Cybersecurity Italia


Arije Antinori is Professor of Criminology and Sociology of Deviance at “Sapienza” University of Rome, EU Senior Expert on Terrorism and T.O.C. (EENeT, ECTC-AN, CEPOL, EUROMED) as well as Security Consultant, Police Force Trainer, Geopolitics and OSINT Analyst/Trainer, Social Media, Hybrid Warfare and Stratcom Expert. He has a Ph.D in “Criminology applied to Investigation and Security”, a Ph.D in “Communication and Media Studies” and 2nd Level Italian Master’s degree in “Crime Investigations: Theories & Methods”. He takes part as an expert in several PVE/CVE/CT and security research projects/actions/training programs at EU, Interpol, NATO and UN.

He is a Senior Analyst at the European Foundation for Democracy (EFD) and a member of the Scientific Committee of “ILEAnet: Innovation by Law Enforcement Agencies networking” EU project. He is Professor of Sociology of Deviance as well as Sociology of Spatial Development at Università degli Studi “Niccolò Cusano”. He is also Professor of Organized Crime in Italy as well as Terrorism: Strategies of Destruction, and Geopolitics and Security of the Mediterranean Region at IES abroad (US Academic system).

He is a member of The Millennium Project. He participated as an expert panelist at the special meeting of the UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee on “Preventing the exploitation of information and communication technologies (ICT) for terrorist purposes, while respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms”. He recently gave a speech on “The role of extremists in abusing technology” at RAN Policy Support.

He invented the concepts of (Cyber-)Social Security, Mediamorphosis Of Terrorism (MoTer), Balkisistan, Terrorist Avatarism, Internet Jihadism, Islamic State Of Mind (ISoM), Eubalkamena, Swarm Wolf, Jihadentity, Conspireactionism, (Cyber-)Social Ecosystem, Folks’n’fools, Jihadi Wolf, Live-Screaming, Artificial Inte[Glitch]ence, and Jihaspora.