Simona Panzica

Simona Panzica

Cyber Security Expert

Cybersecurity Italia


Simona Panzica, has a master degree in astrophysics from the University of Milan and has worked for 16 years as a cybersecurity expert and manager, both in London and Milan, at primary companies belonging to different sectors (financial services, media and tourism).

In particular, Simona has worked as cybersecurity expert and manager at Tibco Software, VirginMediaTV and Docomo Digital, where she was responsible for managing the IT Network and Security Global Team and Infrastructure 5 data-centers across Europe (Milan, Paris, Madrid), US (Chicago) and Asia (India).

Always passionate and a creator of artistic works, in 2020 she left the corporate world to dedicate herself to the creation of NFT art-works and, at the same time, to provide cybersecurity consultancy related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and NFTs. In 2021, she wrote a book, in the form of an NFT, whose title is: “Introduction to Cybersecurity for NFT Artists and Collectors.”.