Maurizio Zacchi

Maurizio Zacchi

Marketing Manager & Digital Learning Manager, Cyber Guru

Cyber Guru


Maurizio Zacchi, in Cyber Guru, has the dual role of Marketing Manager and Director of Cyber Guru Academy, the department that deals with developing training content for the Cyber Security Awareness platforms.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Communication, and in his 35 years of experience, has worked for various organizations and has covered different positions, while taking on increased responsibility. In recent years, he has consolidated his skills by taking on the role of Marketing & Communication Manager in different companies operating in the Cyber Security sector. 

Since 2017 he has been actively involved in the setting up of the Cyber Guru project. Using his various know-how in both technology and communication, he has coordinated the development of all the training content of the Cyber Security Awareness platforms.