Gianni Baroni

CEO, Cyber Guru

Cyber Guru


Gianni Baroni is the CEO of Cyber Guru, a company dedicated to Cyber Security Awareness, born in 2017.

Cyber Guru considers the human factor as the weak link of the line of defence against Cyber Crime. For such reason, the human factor is placed at the centre of its initiatives.

These initiatives have led to the development of two platforms, Cyber Guru Awareness and Cyber Guru Phishing. Such platforms aim to train and educate employees of public and private organisations on the main Cyber threats.

The goal is to change the behaviour of individuals to increase the level of protection of organisations, transforming the digital user from a weak link of the defence chain, to the first line of defence against Cyber Crime.

Cyber Guru represents the synthesis of Gianni Baroni’s significant professional experiences, with a long path that began in Datamat. There, Gianni reached the role of Business Manager and continued later in the multinational Business Object, where Gianni first held the role of Country Manager and then of Vice President European Operation. He then moved on to Daman, where Gianni held the role of CEO.