Gianluca Ruggieri

Responsabile Laboratorio LVS, DigitalPlatforms – BU Selta



Gianluca is graduaded in Telecommunications engineering from the University of Siena in 2002, and is enrolled in the register of engineers of the district of Latina;

In 2011 he obtained a university Master in “Gestione della sicurezza informatica per l’impresa e la pubblica amministrazione” at the Sapienza University of Rome.

Gianluca began his career in 2004, in Milan, initially as a network engineer and later as a system integrator in the design and production of Middleware realtime product in Rome.

In 2008 he started working in military infrastructures as technical support in the field of networking and information technology.

In 2012 he is arrived in Selta where since 2016 he has been dealing with information security evaluations according to the common criteria standard as an evaluator.

Since 2019 he is Manager of DigitalPlatforms LVS (Laboratorio per la Valutazione della Sicurezza informatica), that is an IT security assessment laboratory accredited by the OCSI, the italian Information Security Certification Body of commercial ICT systems and products