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    With a history of more than 110 years, IBM is leader in innovation serving organizations throughout the world. It operates in 170 countries.

    The company – an open hybrid cloud and AI platform company – offers organizations in every industry access to exponential technologies and consulting services for digital transformation and business model modernization.

    Hybrid Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Mainframe hardware systems and storage, Cybersecurity and Quantum Computing: these are the areas in which IBM is recognized as a global leader and as a brand with a strong ethical commitment to the market and the social context in which it operates. In fact, strong is the commitment to create and strengthen new professional skills. With a particular focus to the importance of female education in STEM subjects. Diversity and inclusion, moreover, are an integral part of its ultra-centennial DNA.

    Scientific research is the engine of growth for IBM, its clients and partners. IBM Research continually looks to “What’s Next in Computing” to create and integrate technologies that could solve the world’s grand challenges, generating new opportunities for improvement in every area. This has ensured IBM’s uninterrupted leadership in the ranking of patents in the United States since 1993. In 2021 they will reach the number of 8,500.

    In April 2020, IBM announced that it is one of the founding partners of the Open COVID Pledge, an initiative that provides free access to patents and new applications with more than 80,000 patents worldwide to help diagnose, prevent, contain and treat Sars-cov-2.

    IBM has been operating in Italy since 1927 where it has contributed to the innovation of the Country’s economy. Its clients include major banking institutions, government agencies and leaders in every industry sector.

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