Your Digital Transformation Partner

DigitalPlatforms SpA (DP) is an Italian industrial group, rapidly growing, operating in the sector of Internet of Things, Cyber and digital technologies.
DP primarily addresses critical infrastructure managers in Italy and abroad, in the energy / utilities, telecommunications, transport and defense sectors.

DP is a full liner player, present in all the elements necessary to create end-to-end IoT solutions, starting from the development, design and production of sensors and industrial electronics products, passing through command and control systems and technologies, up to IoT platforms, system integration for heterogeneous environments and cybersecurity.

The DP Group is now made up of seven companies / BUs.
DigitalPlatforms brings together Italian SMEs capable of designing and manufacturing the IoT and Cyber products and technologies to offer companies and administrations integrated and functional solutions, designed on the specific needs of each customer.

DigitalPlatforms thus aims to become more and more the partner of companies for the innovation and infrastructures digital transformation enabled by the IoT.
DP aims to ensure that the ongoing digital transformation leads to the creation of safe, secure, resilient and efficient infrastructures.

Group Business Activities:

  • Gibiesse and EL&Tec – Design and production of electronic boards;
  • Omicron Industriale – Power stations and switchboards production for three categories of companies (Telecommunications operators, Energy distributors, Utility / Infrastructure Services);
  • Umpi – Advanced remote control systems for public and street lighting, automation, IoT services for the city and the citizen; Building automation systems, biometric systems and thermoscanners; 
  • DP Innovation – R&D on order in particular new platforms development for the creation of open systems that can be integrated with new technologies and custom products development in the IoT / Domotics sectors;
    System Management – Business consulting and process integration,ICT / IOT infrastructure, Big Data Analytics and informative system, SaaS services and User Experience;
  • Selta (DP’s BU) – Automation and control systems for electricity and gas networks, solutions for enterprise networking, cloud communication, smart working, Cyber Security with Defence focus, Evaluation Security laboratories according to the Common Criteria Standard, Test report Tempest measures execution for Authorities.

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