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Cyber Guru

Incrementa il livello di Cyber Security, agendo sul fattore umano!

Cyber Guru was founded in Italy in 2017 with the goal of contributing in creating a widespread culture of cyber security. It plans to do this by redefining the concept of Cyber Security Awareness through the development of innovative solutions able to impact the human factor. The ultimate objective is to transform people from the weak link in the defence chain, into the first line of defence against Cyber Crime. 

The solutions of the Cyber Guru platform, through educational and stimulating learning paths, are addressed to all those who do not hold specialist roles in Cyber Security. Each element of Cyber Guru has been designed to maximise the effectiveness of its training, minimising the dispersive effect and eliminating management costs.

The solutions, designed on the basis of a unique methodological approach, allow organisations to educate and train their employees in the correct use of digital technologies, increasing the level of protection of individuals and organisations.

Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Gamification are just some of the features that make the Cyber Guru platform unique.

The platform’s 3 training paths allow the development of highly synergetic training programmes:

  • Cyber Guru Awareness: an innovative integrated e-learning system that allows the whole organisation to be involved in a particularly engaging learning path, based on a continuous training methodology.
  • Cyber Guru Phishing: an innovative, adaptive, and experiential learning system. It aims to increase the organisation’s resistance to phishing attacks and produces effective results. Such results are achieved thanks to its advanced methodology and its automation and artificial intelligence features.
  • Cyber Guru Channel: a video training course based on an inductive methodology, realised with advanced production techniques, typical of TV series, and based on a particularly engaging storytelling.

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