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We Drive, We Empower, We Realize your Digital Risk Governance

Alfa Group is an Italian company that, since 1996, leads organizations along their path to digital transformation, supporting them to coodinate people, processes and technology in order to manage digital risk and improve business performance.

Alfa Group currently operates internationally, with 4 offices in Italy and two offices in the Netherlands and in the UK.

Over the years, we have developed deep expertise, innovative technologies and strategic partnerships in the areas of Digital Risk, Antifraud and Compliance, and have incorporated this know-how in our proprietary digital platform RHD, with which we offer our Clients an integrated approach to Digital Risk Governance.

“Growing with our Clients and living every project together” is the mission that has always guided us in our business: tackling each project with a customer-centric approach, we identify and integrate the best solutions for each Client’s specific needs. This has allowed us to build solid and lasting relationships with some of the largest Italian organizations, who continue to choose us as their trusted partner to manage the most delicate and critical aspects of their business

Our solutions combine consultancy, technology and software development, all on our proprietary platform RHD, for the integrated management of Cyber Risk and the related processes.

The expertise we acquired over the years provided us with a deep understanding of the dynamics of our Clients’ organizational processes and their needs, allowing us to constantly develop and evolve our solutions to ensure an effective response to the new and specific needs of each organization.

Alfa Group’s flagship solutions:

  • RHD VM: Vulnerability Management platform that allows the entire lifecycle of vulnerability management to be part of an integrated and continuous security process, resulting in better risk management and efficient remediation flow.
  • xToner: Threat intelligence platform for feed management, correlation and sharing. It allows for proactive risk management and effective prevention and mitigation of threats, incidents and data-breaches.
  • FRAUD 360: solution for the orchestration of data and processes between existing anti-fraud systems and platforms, according to the most common standards on the market. The result is a Fraud Governance that, through advanced case management, helps operators easily analyze millions of data.

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